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Spiritual shielding class


$77.00 to save your seat in the live and receive the replay (or if you have Paypal afterpay, you can pay in smaller increments)


Are you tired of feeling drained by negative energies while chasing your dreams?


Ready to embrace your passions, love life, and career goals without constant energy interruptions?


Join my transformative Spiritual Shielding Class and empower yourself to radiate positivity and success from within.

🔮 What You'll Learn:

✨ Master the art of shielding your energy to ward off negativity.

✨ Strengthen your inner peace and protect your third eye's clarity

✨ Cultivate powerful techniques to maintain focus on your passions.

✨ Elevate your energy to new heights and attract abundance

If you do not receive sign up link with Zoom link by Sunday 8/13, after confirmation, please email me at

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