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Turn your anger into abundance sUN 1.28
12pm EST-3pm EST


If you cannot attend the live, you can receive the replay post class for this same sign up

If you do not receive link email me at to receive it!

Anger gets a bad reputation on the spiritual journey! Anger has always been one of the best fuels since the beginning of my journey, and yes, for even manifestation! I channel feminine rage ritualistically all the time. Anger is an emotional reality of many of us! How do we learn to SELF MANAGE our anger, and create practices that allow us to MASTER THE ELEMENT OF FIRE? How do we turn it, into a fiery arrow that allows us to hit our intentions? Join me as we dive into aspects of the warrior and the maiden! One who uses her primal energy to fight life's adversity, and also make them her footstool to happiness and greatness.  Join me for this goddess circle!

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