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I am Tatiana Skroskis, AKA The Trap Witch.


I have dedicated my life to empowering thousands of women hands on, and empowering millions worldwide through my transformational messages, coaching and mission of feminine liberation.


As a wellness advocate, I present spirituality in a dualistic, progressive and multifaceted way to help the masses cross the bridge on their own individual mental, emotional and spiritual health journeys that promotes elevated collective consciousness.


I am a sought out motivational speaker, host, and personality who brings raw, potent, bold and addictive presence to any room I am in.


I hold prestige in the field of shadow work, and as a middle ground worker helping people reach their highest potential and embodiment by overcoming their subconscious blockages, stigmas, addictions, codependencies and other forms of trauma so that they can live in their highest destined expression, unapologetically.


I am a pioneer, and innovator on sacred sexuality and the connections between the spirituality and sexuality as a dark and divine femininity coach. 

Are you ready to step into your fullest potential and manifest the live you've always dreamed of? Do you want to overcome the barriers that have held you back from unleashing your true power? I have helped many people unveil their true selves through my personalized guidance, being a safe and empathetic space, my holistic approaches and helping people transform into empowered and resilient beings of society. 


I would love to be a part of your individual  journey, or contribute to your projects, platforms, brands, or events that are in alignment with my mission and brand.  Please see my above menu for the appropriate correspondence. Thank You for your interest in THE TRAP WITCH

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